A Feature-rich E-commerce Solution to Engage Customers and Increase Sales Revenues

AUXEZIA MarketPlace

AUXEZIA MarketPlace

When you join the AUXEZIA MarketPlace, you're becoming part of a powerful network that lists your products and provides you access to multiple sales and marketing channels.

The web, mobile apps, social media Loyalty points deal ,Cashback deal, Subscribers deal and more... it's all here to help you build and continue valuable customer relationships.

  • Omni Channels
  • Email Campaigns
  • SMS Messaging
  • Facebook & Instagram Ads
  • WhatsApp
  • Push Notification

★ Target Interested Customers by Defining Specific Personas Understand the demographic profile of your customers and increase engagement by targeting them based on their likes, age, interests and store activity

★ QR & Barcode Scanner Create the ultimate bridge between digital and real world with mobile QR scanner that persuades your shoppers for instant purchase much more effectively than other mediums.

★ Reports and sales estimates in your product or service category

Quick & Easy

Quick & Easy

Just fill out our Inquiry Form and it's as easy as 1, 2, 3: List Your Products

Take advantage of our dedicated Merchant Support Team to help you submit product listings to Auxezia. Receive Customer Orders and Ship Products

Fulfill your customer orders just as you normally would. No extra steps. Get Paid!

We pay you weekly, directly into your banking account. How easy is that?

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